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Maker of Cloud-based Business Applications

Purplewire has been providing hosted business applications for more than 15 years. A majority of Purplewire-implemented applications are used to organize and streamline business processes collaborated among a company's customers, staff, and channel partners. In many cases, instances of either Purplewire's channel management software channelSUITE™, or its customer relationship management (CRM) application OppTuna™ were the solutions customers needed. In many other cases we custom-developed applications to deliver on the concept and vision of the client, who is often an intrapreneur/champion inside an enterprise, or the entrepreneur of a start-up.

Our clients have included industry giants, small and medium-sized (SMB) manufacturers, and nonprofits in our community.


Purplewire's system enables our team of internal staff, business partners, and remote workforce to collaboratively service the customers for the best results.
Dolores Cebula-Carey
Business Analyst

The new (Purplewire CRM) database system saves our staff a lot of time, makes collaboration with the volunteers easier, and gives us new ways to view current and historical information.
Sam Rowser
Deputy Executive Director