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Sales Channel Solutions

Purplewire's channelSUITE™ line of products has a 20-year history of serving the channel market. Our mission for channelSUITE is to make our client's work of managing and supporting their sales channels simple, by optimizing business processes and automating routine, tedious manual tasks. Highlights of channelSUITE include:

  • A single, accurate channel database that tells who sells what and where on the globe they sell.
  • Automated channel support tasks such as:
    • Distributing sales opportunities to the right channels with proper geographical assignments and product authorizations.
    • Keeping tabs on sales activities and opportunity status in the channel.
    • Receiving co-op marketing requests, keeping track of pre-approvals, expenses and documentation, claims payouts, and account balances.
  • An integration platform for all channel support programs including 3rd-party, custom, and legacy solutions.

For more information, please visit the channelSUITE™ website at www.channelsuite.com.


channelSUITE™ simplifies the work of managing and supporting your sales channels.