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Charitable organizations in our community have inspired us at Purplewire to help them achieve their missions with our skills. In working with outstanding organizations like On Point for College and Meals on Wheels of Syracuse, we’ve learned that the operational challenges they face in their efforts to achieve the mission and grow capacity are similar to those of commercial enterprises. But "business class" technology solutions are not always an ideal fit, and often are not realistically available to nonprofits due to affordability. We want to change that.

MOW Scheduler is our first initiative to combine our role as technologists with our mission to serve on a wider scale. We hope to follow with more products in the future.

For more information, please visit the MOW Scheduler™ website at www.mowscheduler.com.



One of the critical tasks that a home delivered meal program needs to perform is volunteer management and scheduling. Meals on Wheels of Durham has been looking for a robust and flexible solution to this problem for several years. The MOWScheduler has proven to be that tool. It has freed almost 12 hours a week of our volunteer manager's time. This allows her more time to spend on other essential tasks - such as recruitment and retention. Kudos to your team for the development of this very useful product!
Gale Singer Adland
Executive Director
Meals on Wheels of Durham